– fruitville

– situations with canvas + paint
– the school papers

Fruitville is the name for a body of work that has been ongoing since 2000, however individual works are undated. Work in this series is produced in intermittent spurts, often with years between.

The Fruitville Pike is a road where I grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It’s a major thoroughfare, but it doesn’t go to, from, or through anywhere called Fruitville. My efforts to find Fruitville, if there ever was such a place at all, have been inconclusive.

So Fruitville exists in my imagination as a kind of Eden; a place of purity, clarity, and quiet delight. It manifests itself in an ongoing visual process of experimentation with wood, paint, glue, paper, ink, light, and shadows. The things that make up my Fruitville exist to be in relationship to the places where they can be seen, and also in relationship with each other.

A full-length essay about the Fruitville series, by Chris Ashley, is available here