The official launch of _FLATFILE_ on Etsy

_FLATFILE_ on Etsy

When I draw or work on paper the process is uniquely its own. And it doesn’t necessarily yield images that fit neatly with the paintings I’ve been steadily exhibiting over the years.

A year ago, I published the pages of a sketchbook on my weblog. Opening that book to the public was a personally challenging experiment and it ended up being energizing and worthwhile. It lead me to open up my flatfile and sift through visual activity from the past decade. What I found…what I always find…were interesting and compelling things that no one else ever saw.

During December 2009 I made selections from the flatfile available at extremely affordable prices, and your responses were enthusiastic.

Now I’ve built an Etsy store around the concept of my flatfile project. And it’s open for your perusal. You’ll find a variety of images at prices starting at $25. I’m adding work each week. Some work from the past and some from the present. Custom matting and framing is available as well.

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Flatfile on Etsy
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